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I first learned about music through singing in a choir as a child and having classical piano lessons throughout my teens. This led on to studying at the London College of Music where I gained a diploma in Piano (ALCM). Since then I have explored a wide range of musical interests, particularly classical and jazz.

After College, instead of a gap year, I took something like ten years out to pursue a spiritual quest which led to my ordination as a Buddhist. In the late 80s I returned to music with fresh vigour, playing piano and keyboards with bands and developing my longstanding interest in composition.

Since moving to Norwich in 1989, I have been working as a self-employed musician: teaching classical and jazz piano, running jazz improvisation classes for adult education, summer schools for adults (and more recently, children). In the last few years ‘Red Shadow’ a jazz quartet founded by myself and Dave Pullin, has been developing its own distinctive sound.