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Red Shadow Quartet

CDs for sale - These CDs are now available from the tutti online shop      except for ‘Pine’ which is not currently available.

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New CD now available

One Thousand Beams of Light

Music composed and played by Bodhivajra (Peter Hayes)

11 songs, settings of poems by Ryokan, Sangharakshita, 7th Dalai Lama, and others, plus a song for each of the Five Buddhas. Sung by Jayne May-Sysum (Soprano) with Bodhivajra/Peter Hayes playing piano.

“Classical roots combine with contemporary harmonic colour, to create a fresh and spacious sound, undefined by genre.”

Sample tracks from the CD: ----- Recorded at The Chapel, Norwich by Paul Keeler of Sugati Sound

Review from Urthona magazine

mp3 Amitabha
mp3 How Excellent
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Blue and Silver

These sixteen short piano pieces comprise my first solo CD. The 12 Preludes were all written in 2007, the other pieces at different times over the last 10 years or so. Various tracks have been likened to the work of Erik Satie and Keith Jarrett, and the twin influences of classical and jazz are apparent throughout. Although there is no improvisation here, many of the pieces started life as improvised ideas which were then developed. From the humorous and playful, to the melancholy and reflective, each short piece is distinct yet connected as part of an overall landscape.

mp3 Prelude No 2 from the CD
mp3 Prelude No 7 from the CD
mp3 Prelude No 12 from the CD
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Turning point - Red Shadow Quartet

Recorded in 2009 - review by David Wakefield in the Eastern Daily Press

The Norwich-based jazz quartet recorded this album at Derek Nash's splendid Clown's Pocket Studio in Kent where the clientele includes such jazz luminaries as Dave O'Higgins and Jamie Cullum. The 11 tracks are all originals, eight of them by Pianist Peter Hayes and three by bassist Dave Pullin and are a fair reflection of the influences of the band. The title track has big flavours or Herbie Hancock; Melodius Funk for Thelonius Monk speaks for itself…..and so on. The two writers have differing styles, with Hayes' classical roots showing in some angular and contemplative work. But Pullin's Queequeg is the stand-out on an accomplished album that belies the "local" tag.

2 tracks from the album
mp3 Melodious Funk for Thelonious Monk
mp3 Queequeg
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CD recorded in 2006

Review of ‘Pine’ from Musician Magazine:

Norwich four-piece - Peter Hayes (piano), Dave Pullin (double bass), Trevor Rowland (sax) and Rob Masters (drums) - present eight cuts of thoughtful small band jazz. Peter and Dave demonstrate their ability at writing smooth yet challenging tunes that are handled skilfully and with care by the quartet.

Recorded live at the King of Hearts, this album modestly represents a strata of British jazz that goes about it’s business without undue fuss and yet illustrates just how many good but often-unheralded players we have up and down the country. Named after Red Garland and Shadow Wilson, the band moves through the series of originals including stand-out tracks Circle with it’s punchy piano chords and rhythmic sax stabs, and the reflective Man Made of Rain.

Review by David Wakefield in the Eastern Daily Press:

It doesn't take a genius to work out that this is a home-grown work! The Red Shadow Quartet is a Norwich based jazz foursome - Peter Hayes (piano). Trevor Rowland (tenor and soprano saxophones), Dave Pullin (double bass) and Rob Masters (drums) - who like to play their own material alongside the usual Monk, Mingus and co, and do it very well. Five tracks are by Hayes and three by Pullin and are greatly contrasting. The gentle title track features wistful soprano sax from Rowland over Hayes' thoughtful piano and sets the standard for an impressive album. A word of praise for the recording clarity, too. The album was made at the King of Hearts in Norwich, by Paul Keeler and mixed at Keeler's Sugati Sound studio. Pine is available at Prelude Records, St. Giles, Norwich, or from the quartets website. (fine text is changed from the original)

2 tracks from the album
mp3 Catch
mp3 Man made of Rain
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Jazz Warm-Ups

I have created two Jazz Playalong CDs so that pupils can practice jazz improvisation skills at home. They are both aimed at beginner level but can also be used by more experienced players. Both CDs come with instructions and scale examples, as well as transpositions so that other instrumentalists can use them – not only pianists.

mp3 Example 1 - riffs and vamps - track 4
mp3 Example 2 - the blues - track 11

Other recordings

Sea Songs
- The ‘Sea Songs’ were written for a Western Buddhist Arts Festival in 1996. This recording was made in 2000 (I think) at Zoo Audio, Cambridge, performed by myself and three Buddhist friends. Aryakanta’s versatile and vibrant voice moves effortlessly through the contrasting styles of each song, accompanied by my good friends Advayaprabha (violin) and Vilasavajra (trumpet). I play piano and synthesizer and programmed the sequencer.

mp3 Sea Songs - sample (last part is unavailable).